M365 – Network Assessment

9'000.00 CHF

Microsoft 365 Network Assessment

With Office 365, previously local servers such as Exchange, SharePoint, file servers and the like are moving to the cloud. Where previously there was a data highway to your own server room with only a few intermediate stations, today firewalls, proxy servers, bandwidth and more are involved. Good coordination of all components is essential for optimum access to resources in the cloud.

The network assessment standardised by Experts Inside analyses the existing network infrastructure at the main site and at the branch offices in order to identify any necessary adjustments.




Daniel Nitz


Analysis of the existing environment with a focus on the connection to Microsoft 365:

  • Recording and documentation of the current network design
  • Analysing the proxy and firewall configuration with regard to authentication and SSL inspection
  • Latency check for the Office 365 services
  • SharePoint bandwidth measurement
  • Testing of the individual hops up to the high-performance Microsoft network
  • Exchange Online / Outlook Connectivity Check
  • TCP Window Scaling Check
  • DNS Performance Check
  • Skype & Teams Audio Call Quality Check
  • Azure Network Performance Monitor for long-term measurement
  • Recording of the client infrastructure
  • With the Network Assessment, we analyse your existing network infrastructure at the main location and in up to three branch offices; additional locations can be added as an option. Additional location: CHF 1’000,-


  • Experts Inside carries out the assessment from A-Z and shows the specialists on the customer side how the various sub-areas are connected.
  • The evaluation and the proposed adjustments are summarised in an assessment report in German or English.


When ordering, you decide when and where the assessment should take place; in most cases, we carry out the work remotely. Thanks to a high degree of automation (PowerShell scripts), we need an average of 2-3 weeks. Your availability determines the duration.


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