Microsoft Teams structure

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Microsoft Teams structure

The overall goal is to design a working environment for business teams where they can communicate and collaborate to achieve higher productivity.
In our one-day workshop, we encourage you to think about cross-functional teams in order to make it possible to transcend previous organisational boundaries. We will show you the different approaches for mapping the organisational structure and processes in MS Teams.




Artur Tomczak


  1. The overview of the different team types such as: Organisation-wide team, area team, department team, project team, product/service team, customer/partner team, CoP team is known;
  2. The initial MS Teams structure incl. channels for the entire organisation is defined;
  3. Visibility of team types (public vs. private) is defined;
  4. Team roles and authorisations are defined for each team type;
  5. The possibilities for collaboration with guests (external) are known;
  6. A governance (principles & practices), thanks to whose compliance uncontrolled growth of teams and channels in MS Teams can be avoided, is known;
  7. The provisioning process and technical creation of teams in MS Teams is defined;
  8. The next steps are known;


When ordering, you decide when and where the workshop should take place, at your office or at a location of your choice organised by you.

Duration: 1 day


You will receive the inputs and documents in German. The workshop will be held in German. Afterwards, participants will also receive a photo protocol of the workshop (charts, additional information, results, etc.)


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