Within the scope of “Managed Services”, we perform the role of “Service Owner” for you. This means that as “Business Owner” you continue to have the sovereignty over all contents and processes, you only entrust us with individual services.

We take end-to-end responsibility for the automation and provision of services in accordance with the previously defined Service Level Agreement.

We currently offer the following “Managed Services”. We are continuously working to optimize existing and new “Managed Services” so that you can successfully pursue your business activities.

Experts Managed 'Workplace as a Service' - WaaS

  • “Workplace as a Service” includes a bundle of modern hardware and software as well as full support and operation.
  • Together with our partners, we design an ecosystem for you so that your work equipment and Microsoft 365 Apps/Services are always up-to-date and availability and support is guaranteed.

With the help of our three subscriptions (hardware, software and support) you avoid high one-time investments and instead have predictable monthly usage costs per user.

  • With our monthly “Workplace as a Service” pricing, we ensure that security risks are minimized through automatic updates and configurations.
  • Thanks to Microsoft Intune Autopilot, your employees enjoy the flexibility of fast procurement and rollout of additional devices and apps/services.
  • The hardware subscription includes our standard work equipment and accessories, while the software subscription includes Microsoft 365 Apps/Service. More can be obtained at any time from the Marketplace portal.
  • Support subscription gives you access to our Service Desk, and the price also includes the right to standard support. In addition, we will be happy to assist you with any further inquiries.

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