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The small yet useful helpers of everyday business life are apps that make our lives easier. In former times tools were tools like hammer, scythe, plough or hatchet. Today the tools are digital, but the basis should remain the same. A tool should make my life easier as a user and service provider.

Experts Inside is incredibly selective in its choice of partners.

“Experts work with Experts”

We always ask ourselves the question about the added value of a tool. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we develop our own solutions and join forces with partners who, in our opinion, have the best tools at their disposal to help you win the competition with the right tools.

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EasyLife 365 by Experts Inside – Microsoft Teams Governance and Provisioning Solution

With EasyLife 365, the entire governance tasks of Microsoft teams can be fully automated.

Create and share different templates for different user groups? No problem!
Separate the URL to the files on SharePoint from the team name and set a naming convention for each template? Sure thing!
Determine how many owners must be defined per team? You’re kidding, right?
Periodic checks by the owners whether the resource (the team or SharePoint site etc.) is still in use and automatically archive or delete unused resources or inactive owners? That’s standard!
Check access periodically so that no unauthorised persons access the content? Hahaha, what else

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Your Migration Roadmap in a Day

Migrating from SharePoint on prem to Office 365 can be a major challenge. Very often a SharePoint farm has grown historically and today it is completely unclear what the responsibilities are and what content is stored in SharePoint. Also the relevance as well as the future storage location (SharePoint classic, SharePoint modern, Microsoft teams) lead to completely different project procedures.
Together with Experts Inside, Rencore has created a tool that enables us to create a complete migration roadmap within one day by collecting analysis data and specially developed business rules. Using various dashboards, the complexity as well as the recommended target platform is clearly displayed. Where are solutions in use? Where was HTML or Javascript implemented directly into a SharePoint page? You can get all these answers with the tool “Your Migration Roadmap in a day”.

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Planning and holding meetings has never been easier

Do you know this too? Meetings are prepared inaccurately, often it is unclear which items on the agenda are discussed and after the meeting a Word file is created to record which decisions were made and this summary is provided differently each time.

This is now over! Meeting Decisions, with its product of the same name, has created a solution that is fully integrated into Office 365, which combines everything from planning the meeting, assigning responsibilities and agenda items to task management and decision documentation. If necessary, the minutes can be sent as Word or PDF, if not OneNote, with just one click. The whole thing is based exclusively on Microsoft Planner and of course, Meeting Decisions’ own development. Experts Inside is the first point of contact for the DACH area.

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AvePoint Backup Restore

When it comes to backup, there’s no way around AvePoint. For years, it has been the leading provider of SharePoint for club solutions, among other things. We also have their tools on board for the Office 365 strategy.

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Content Matrix

Through the acquisition of Metalogix, Quest Software has reestablished itself as a key player in the migration tools category. Through the distribution to different agents, a very large migration of different sources can be carried out in parallel. This has enabled us to implement even very large and complex migrations.

User Manuals Frustrate Employees – We Fixed It

With this slogan, the Happit company advertises its product of the same name for better user acceptance. In the past, we have brought knowledge to the user primarily through manuals. However, this is often frustrating because the manuals are outdated or cannot be brought into the context of the user’s daily work. With Happit, power users on any web interface can bring what they have learned directly into context with the tool. This creates clarity in the direct application of the tools needed for daily work.

The context-based working style is also strongly propagated in Microsoft teams, and thus plays right into the area that Experts Inside applies in their rollout projects.

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