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Life is already complicated enough:

There are things that simply have to work without you having to worry about them every day.

In our opinion, secure, stable, scalable and highly available online services are among them. Our experience is that the Microsoft Technology Stack (Azure, O365, Windows, Intunes, etc.) always and everywhere provides what you need for your daily work – and at lower cost.

Those who use the cloud only pay for what they use. In other words: If you drink your coffee black, you do not have to pay for the cream. And you don’t have to wait for a lame operator. If you want to use a new service, it is available within minutes.


  • The Microsoft Technology Stack supports different technologies, operating systems and programming languages and enables their combination.
  • We prefer the SaaS offering (O365) from Microsoft. If for some reason this migration target is not appropriate, we migrate to Azure to a PaaS service (App Service, Logic App, etc.).
  • And if the solution does not allow this either, then according to IaaS (VM).
  • We build an ecosystem in the cloud for you. We use 100% O365 and Azure.
  • This includes not only the migration of the application, but also everything that is needed for successful operation.
  • Custom business applications that we cannot migrate to SaaS or PaaS, we migrate 1:1 to the cloud (IaaS).
  • We always work together with you iteratively according to time and material. We visualize and steer the work activities with the help of Kanban Board.
  • We are partners and always put the customer value in the center of attention.


  • We migrate data from SharePoint, file shares and DMS to the cloud.
  • We evaluate custom workflows and business applications on cloud readiness and show what the concrete procedure for migration will be.
  • We support the replacement of existing business services by selective use of Azure Services.
  • We migrate custom workflows to SharePoint Online or to suitable Azure Services (Logic Apps).
  • We give your users seamless and secure access to all applications – in the cloud as well as locally.
  • We offer support for the entire Microsoft 365 stack and Azure – 7×24 or office hours support with individual response times.

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