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Way of working


The world is changing rapidly due to technological progress and global networking, and not everyone can deal with this development. And what do people do when they are uncertain? They stick with the tried and tested. Figuratively speaking: like stagecoaches riding on highways.

We are convinced that the adaptability of a company is the new discipline of the digital age.

Like a river that is always looking for new ways and still reliably reaches its destination, such systems are sustainably successful precisely through movement.


  • We encourage you to embark on the transformation journey. The primary goal is to create a cross-functional, well-connected, functioning transformation team.
  • As facilitator, we support the transformation team in shaping the vision and strategic transformation goals.
  • We train the lean and agile way of working and inspire your business teams to join the journey. We orientate ourselves towards agile working methods on the team level based on Scrum and Kanban frameworks.
  • For the scaling and alignment of multiple teams, we orient ourselves on SAFe and LeSS.
  • We connect you with the help of internal communities and invite you to form new partnerships in external communities.
  • We always work together with you iteratively according to time and material. We visualize and steer the work activities with the help of Kanban Board. We are partners and always put the customer value in the center of attention.


  • Are you looking for a transformation kick or are you on the verge of a turning point in your company? Discover our keynote speeches.
  • You want to dive deeper into the subject matter? We offer you various trainings.
  • You want to train practices and not experience a power-point battle? Become part of our “New ways of working” community.
  • You can also invite us to an exchange workshop, where we will be happy to share with you the insights and results from the different projects with different clients.
  • We support you practically in your transformation by acting in your company on an interim basis as Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Flow Master, Product Owner and introducing your employees to the new roles and principles/practices.

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