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The topic addresses business development leads, solution architects, your IT department, governance and security officers, legal departments and your works council.

  • Overview of the key elements of a security audit of your environment
  • Integrate Microsoft Cloud Security functions into your security concept
  • Advanced security management, data loss protection and advanced data management
  • Effects of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on your company

Your Advantage

  • Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive and secure solution that combines the advantages of Office 365, Azure, Windows 10 and the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite.
  • Tailored to your existing solutions and requirements, we implement a future-proof strategy with you.
  • In workshops with best practice scenarios, we give you an overview of the security and compliance functions of Microsoft 365.
  • Based on this, we work with you to develop a security and compliance setup that meets your requirements.
  • We always work together with you iteratively according to time and material. We visualize and steer the work activities with the help of Kanban Board.
  • We are partners and always put the customer value in the center of attention.

Contents and procedure

  • Security and Compliance in Office 365 & Azure
  • Creation of a Security & Compliance concept for your company
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how Microsoft Cloud Services will support you
  • Learn how Microsoft protects you from spoofing, phishing, malware and spam
  • Gain transparency and control over your IT environment with the features of the Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite
  • Gain insight into proactive threat protection
  • Protect confidential information with Microsoft Information Protection
  • Risk analysis, policy setting and classification of data based on Advanced Data Governance
  • Overview of the entire Microsoft security story and how you can effectively leverage the value of Office 365 & Azure Advanced Security scenarios in your organization
  • A concept and roadmap that covers all technical and organizational implications for your company
  • Basic analysis and practical recommendations based on your scenarios

Your Experts