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Moderner Arbeitsplatz

Modern Workplace


The modern employee is used to being involved on different fronts at the same time and to thinking in a networked way. He or she is familiar with the latest technologies and has the desire to be constantly connected to the world.

In order to remain successful in the disruptive market, we accept these challenges and help with the transition to the “Modern Workplace”.

Getting there requires a change in culture, the right technologies and tools and a digitalization of business processes.


  • We encourage you to think about the new work and to consider implementing it. It is about creating a working environment in which the following characteristics play a role: sense and purpose, focus, communication and collaboration, community, continuing education.
  • We approach this change as a whole and complement it with our services.
  • For the cultural change and the way we work, we rely on “Way of Working”, the right technologies and tools we find in “Productivity”, so that these are used correctly we rely on “User Adoption” and so that the maximum digitalization of business processes is achieved, we have “Business Automation” at our disposal.
  • We always work together with you iteratively according to time and material. We visualize and steer the work activities with the help of Kanban Board. We are partners and always put the customer value in the center of attention.


  • With the help of our assessments, we check all technical aspects of the modern workplace. The focus is on Microsoft 365 Apps/Services and their secure use with the help of business and private work devices.
  • We audit your existing infrastructure and show you, from a technical point of view, the way into the modern working world.
  • Our Secure Modern Workplace forms the basis for the true Modern approach.
  • We show you how your employees can achieve more focus by visualizing and controlling their work.
  • Become more functional in communication, using communication channels and chats instead of e-mails.
  • Be more productive in collaboration thanks to sharing and simultaneous editing of documents and integration of the information and apps needed for work.
  • Be happier by being able to work anytime, anywhere, using secure connections and devices.

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