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Business Automatisierung


The future belongs to the innovative: Those companies are successful on the market that network technologies and data in a meaningful way and use them to develop new products and services that make your work processes easier.

„Keep calm and automate all the things“

We are convinced that the future belongs to those companies that rely on an iterative approach, invest in further education, promote continuous automation and continue to connect.


  • Together with your business representatives, we will record and prioritize the manual and repetitive work processes of the various departments. We also repeat this procedure for interdepartmental workflows.
  • Do you really want to pour new wine into old bottles? We invite you to work with us to lean your business processes in a value-added way before you start the digital transformation.
  • We encourage you to create an internal Business Automation Community to create an exchange space around the automation process. We empower employees nominated by you so that they could approach automation autonomously in the future.
  • Creating user-friendly solutions is not just lip service for us, it is our mission.
  • We primarily rely on Microsoft 365 Apps/Services and other SaaS solutions. We always follow the principle: standard before proprietary development. For automation, we often use a combination of Power Automate, Power Apps and SharePoint.
  • We always work together with you iteratively according to time and material. We visualize and steer the work activities with the help of Kanban Board. We are partners and always put the customer value in the center of attention.


  • We offer you end-to-end automation that is tailored to your workflows.
  • We develop BOT solutions for you, which we integrate into MS teams. This with the goal of supporting your employees in their workflows.
  • We check your enterprise’s applications for cloud compatibility and put together an optimal individual solution for you.
  • We are also happy to support you in migrating to the cloud.
  • Our individual software solutions are based on the latest Microsoft technologies and an optimal cloud infrastructure.
  • Put your ideas to the test: In our 2-day workshop “Building Intelligent App” we will build an intelligent business app with you using Design Thinking.

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