M365 – Identity Assessment

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Microsoft 365 Identity Assessment

Before the existing user accounts can be synchronised with the Azure AD, it is important to prepare the database correctly. UPNs, proxy addresses, duplicate objects etc. play a role here, which must be analysed in advance and corrected before the actual synchronisation. It can also be useful to install filters so that not all elements are synchronised indiscriminately in the Azure AD environment. Best practice is to only synchronise what is to be reused in the cloud environment (users, distribution lists, etc.).

Using the Identity Assessment standardised by Experts Inside, we examine the existing AD infrastructure, show the available identity and authentication scenarios and determine the necessary adjustments to the AD structure (in terms of content).




Daniel Nitz


Analysis of the existing environment with a focus on the connection to Microsoft 365:

  • Determining the recommended identity model
  • Existing domain registrations in the Office 365 tenant
  • AD UPN suffix settings
  • Duplicates in attributes of AD objects
  • Unsupported characters in required attributes for synchronisation
  • Faulty SMTP proxy addresses
  • Faulty UPNs
  • Disabled inheritances


  • Experts Inside carries out the assessment from A-Z and shows the specialists on the customer side how the various sub-areas are connected.
  • Presentation of the various identity and authentication methods with their advantages and disadvantages and definition of the best method.
  • The evaluation and the proposed adjustments are summarised in an assessment report in German or English.


When ordering, you decide when and where the assessment should take place; in most cases, we carry out the work remotely. Thanks to a high degree of automation (PowerShell scripts), we need an average of 2-3 weeks. Your availability determines the duration.


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