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Since we have been using Microsoft teams, we only send e-mails when there is no other way.

Since our founding in 2011 with Microsoft 365 and since 2017 also with Microsoft teams, we have been focusing on location and device-independent work, anytime and anywhere. Over the years we have built up specific know-how in this area, which we are happy to share with our customers.

Since we are internationally positioned in seven countries, remote collaboration is vital for our survival. Our thoughts and actions are customer-centered and oriented towards customer value. We can work at the customer’s site or in the home office. Internally, everything runs primarily via chats, we use video telephony via MS Teams and have long since “thrown” our telephone system out the window, our fixed connections are integrated into teams. In MS Teams we maintain a company team with communication channels underneath. The channels are based on topics that keep us continuously occupied for a long time. Examples are: Finance, recruiting, marketing. In these channels we record information, hold meetings, organize our workflow and integrate apps and content necessary for the workflow. For the further development of our products and services we maintain an additional team.

Each customer/partner gets his own team room with the corresponding channels for each project. Here again we store and manage all information. We use OneNotes for storing short notes and the SharePoint environment for documents. We control the work activities by means of MS Planner, which is also integrated in the channel. A simple Kanban Board with three columns (“to do”, “in progress” and “done”) is completely sufficient in most cases. We try to have as few backlogs as possible in order to be able to visualize and to steer the work flow systemically optimal.

We also work with partners and customers through the channels, so that these people are really fully integrated into “teams”. We use chat groups or private channels to discuss certain topics in small, restricted audiences.

Conclusion: MS Teams allows to organize the complete workflow and modern working methods in a central virtual place. Our productivity has increased noticeably thanks to Microsoft Teams. We are pleased to share this experience with our customers and to enable them to use Microsoft Teams.

Samuel Zürcher is a member of the Microsoft Teams Elite Group. This is a select group of Microsoft MVPs who work with Microsoft Teams Product Groupe Teams to test features and discuss further development.


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