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We live our passion for new technologies and the associated modern forms of work.

We don’t let technology determine our work, However, we use it to realize our visions and advance our customers. Quite immodestly we say: We master our business and lead you to success – true to our credo: “Our mastery, your success”. We want success, but not at any price: Those who work for us do not want to climb the next step on the hierarchical ladder. For the simple reason that we have abolished hierarchy. Some call that rebellion. We call it efficiency. Because everyone does what their heart beats for and implements what they master best. We apply exactly these principles to our customers. Whoever works in our team participates in our success – also in monetary terms. With us, there is no carpet floor where company bosses pay fat bonuses. With us there are only people who burn for their work.

Founded in 2011, the XI team now consists of around two dozen professionals primarily in the DACH region, who sometimes forget that they are at work: Because they enjoy living their passion.




475 Projects done
158 Happy Clients
78,000 Hours delivered