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Employee Experience


The requirements for a modern work environment have drastically changed. "Hybrid Work," "Modern Work," or "Agile Work" are no longer just buzzwords—they have become a reality and a foundation for successful companies. Many employees and supervisors are overwhelmed by hybrid and agile work patterns in everyday life. A work model that stands for agility and productivity can ultimately have the opposite effect. With appropriate measures and tools, the change will also be a success in your company.


  • Through the initial Employee Experience workshop, we jointly review the current status and goals, so that we can implement targeted measures in a focused manner.
  • With specific measures, we inspire your employees to optimize their daily routines in the hybrid and agile work environment.
  • Learning is part of work, and we integrate learning content directly into the workflow, so that your employees can access information at the right time and place. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to combine communication, expertise, learning, resources, and insights, and integrate them directly into the daily workflow.
  • We show employees how to quickly and efficiently integrate the new tools into their daily work routine and benefit immediately.


A careful alignment of your company's vision with the degree of implementation of hybrid and agile work forms is key to success. Organizational and technical measures thus work together in a targeted manner to impact employees.

We support you in various areas and with targeted measures to improve employee experience, motivation, and productivity.

Employee Experience Workshop

In our Employee Experience Workshop, we develop your personalized path to success in the following 3 steps:

  • Assess: You explain your vision, goals, and challenges to us, so that we can understand how we can support you.
  • Art of Possible: Based on the challenges described, we show you initial approaches on how we can address them and support you with Employee Experience apps.
  • Build the Plan: Together, we define the next steps. Our recommendation is to start a pilot with a small group to immediately gain initial experience. This allows you to directly verify the measures and their impact, providing a solid foundation for the next steps.

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is the Employee Experience suite from the Microsoft 365 cloud. We support you in analyzing, implementing, and tracking the goals of all Viva modules.

  • Viva Connections: Your company communication is integrated directly into Microsoft Teams. This provides direct and mobile access for all employees to your news and organizational fundamentals.
  • Viva Learning: Learning content is integrated directly into the work processes of your employees. This offers a significant component in establishing your company as a learning organization.
  • Viva Insights: Reflection and adaptation are the greatest assets for optimizing one's own work methods and productivity. Based on their work habits, employees and supervisors receive tips on how to optimize their daily work routine.
  • Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex: Organizational knowledge is the capital of every company. Documentation and access to knowledge have always been the greatest challenge. Through the automatic and AI-based classification and provision of information from your cloud storage, this module offers next-generation knowledge management.

Modernize Your Intranet

The significance and content of intranets have changed dramatically in recent years. New ways of working require different content, features, and, crucially, mobile access to the intranet to continue reaching and retaining all employees.

In our Modernize Your Intranet Workshop, we develop your personalized path to a new intranet in the following 3 steps:

  • Assess: You explain to us your vision, goals, and challenges in the current intranet. This information forms the basis of our recommendations.
  • Art of Possible: Based on the challenges described, we show concrete concepts, content, and features of a modern intranet, so that you can immediately experience and assess its impact for your company.
  • Build the Plan: Together, we define the next steps. Depending on the goal and initial situation (technologies, content), different approaches are effective. We will show you a specific path that we can implement beneficially in a short time.

Employee Onboarding

Administrative processes in the field of Human Resources are established and automated in most companies. However, the operational part—especially employee onboarding—is often uncoordinated.

Based on the most advanced communication and collaboration apps from the Microsoft 365 portfolio, we have created the next generation onboarding experience. We integrate communication, introductory tasks, learning content, and essential company knowledge directly into the onboarding process. Employees quickly become acquainted with your company. They find their way around easily. They come into direct contact with subject matter experts and integrate swiftly. Ultimately, they are not only productive much faster but also experience a start at your company filled with joy, innovation, and full motivation.

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